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We need you.

Our volunteers support the local D.C. public health infrastructure, while advancing the priorities of the U.S. Surgeon General, which are to promote disease prevention, improve health literacy, eliminate health disparities, and enhance public health preparedness. 

Each volunteer is required to complete three training modules created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), conveniently located on our Volunteer Trainings page.

Derrick Amenyedor

Community Outreach

Our volunteers participate in monthly outreaches where we provide educational tools to the local residents about emergency preparedness.


 Immunization Clinics

Our immunization-certified volunteers have the opportunity to provide complimentary vaccinations to the local D.C. community, including but not limited to influenza and hepatitis.

Derrick Amenyedor

      Blood Pressure

Our organization partners with local clinics to provide blood pressure screenings and lifestyle tools to improve the overall health of our community. 


         Health Literacy 

Our volunteers help implement health practices that address low health literacy in order to reduce health disparities within our underserved population.



We are often staffed to points of dispensing which allows the community to safely retrieve medications and supplies during an emergency.

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Emergency Preparedness

Our volunteers provide resources to the community so they are equipped with the tools necessary to recover from any type of public health crisis.

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